If You’re Not Engaged, Then They’re Not Engaged

CEO of the management consulting firm, DecisionWise, Tracy Maylett recently wrote an article regarding the mindset managers need to have in order to keep their employees engaged.  He makes a crucial distinction between how engagement on the managerial level differs from engagement on the employee level. An employee’s level of engagement is dependent on their manager’s level of engagement and the manager’s ability to keep their team engaged.  Maylett goes on to point out that a good manager needs to understand how to leverage their team’s individual passions into their specific tasks.  A good manager also needs to ensure that the end goals are stated clearly and firmly, and he or she needs to maintain a level of certainty towards achieving those goals.

Engagement is crucial for a business to achieve and maintain success.  It ‘s the secret sauce in producing efficient and effective outcomes.  Without having engagement, necessary tasks get completed lackluster with inadequate results.  Even worse, there’s a possibility of missing deadlines and presenting incomplete projects, and nothing reflects more poorly on a business.  A properly engaged workforce means that management has mastered the ability to ensure their workforce stays engaged.  This engagement leads to on-time deliverability with highly detailed, and highly valued results. Simply said, if your business is overlooking the importance of maintaining engagement, then you’re guaranteeing yourself outcomes that are not the most effective or desirable.

The Emerge Group’s Zone for Leadership Workshop is centralized around this topic. Participants will learn the importance of leveraging employee engagement right from the first module. We give participants key leadership skills that allow leaders to extract a high degree of engagement from their team members, leading to very valuable project results.  Attitude is a great example of one of these leadership skills.  We educate participants on the type of attitude they need to project in order to increase and maintain the proper level of engagement from their team. We also make sure each person that attends our workshop leaves with an action plan tailored for them to employ the tools and skills they’ve learned into their current projects.

We understand the importance of engagement in a team environment.  Leaders need to have the ability to keep their employees focused on the tasks at hand.  A manager can only get out as much as he or she puts in to the team. The Zone for Leaders Workshop here at Emerge is the perfect way to teach leaders the tools for effective engagement and the methodology behind it. For more information on Emerge’s Zone for Leaders Workshop, click here.

If you would like to read Maylett’s article, you can find it here!