Approaching Every Challenge Uniquely

The Emerge approach is designed to integrate into the long-term flow of people’s work. By making our solutions part of your work-flow, the probability of meeting development goals increases.

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    Emerge engages clients in a variety of activities designed to provide informative data in order to help organizations, leaders, and individuals identify key areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. These assessments culminate in the creation of an action plan used to maximize the impact of people across the organizational spectrum.

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    In order for any initiative to be successful within an organization, it is important to obtain the sponsorship from all levels of organizational leadership. This kind of support may take on many different forms and require various degrees of intervention by the client, individuals, and Emerge.

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    Emerge’s solutions are designed to specifically address key development needs of organizations, its leaders, and individuals. Our workshops are geared towards leading individuals through a process of self-discovery.

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    Emerge has created a number of off-the-shelf and customized tools for our clients. Our tools, when integrated into a regular routine, create incredible power for individual success, at the same time organizations typically realize significant positive developments to key business outcomes.

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    Emerge has created tracking tools that assist organizations capture and analyze improvements and areas of growth after successful program deployment. While participants complete assessments before starting Emerge programs, we also follow up with subsequent assessments over the course of the following year, allowing participants, managers, and organizations to track progress and development.

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    Pulse Check

    In order for development efforts to be successful, people must be accountable for their actions. Emerge takes this idea very seriously and have found that conducting regular pulse checks puts development ideas and agreed-upon actions in the forefront of peoples’ minds.