Transitioning High Contributing Leadership

At Emerge Leadership Group, we help individuals understand how to make the transition from a Leader of Self to a Leader of Others, and, ultimately, a Leader of Leaders.

You can’t create a leader simply with a title change. While high performing individual contributors may have the skills to become managers, they may not yet have developed the willingness and awareness to accept the changing expectations of the new role. At Emerge, we know two things to be true. First, over 75% of first-line leaders have failed to fully transition to their new role. Secondly, the direct reports of transitioned leaders significantly outperform their peers who report to non-transitioned leaders.

Our assessments, tools and workshops focus on transitioning leaders and our unique approach highlights the importance of going beyond just leadership skills training. In order to do this, we provide tools, feedback and an awareness of a new perspective to match their earned position:

    • We explain the change in organizational expectations
    • We discuss the positive and negative leadership behaviors and the extending impact
    • We teach the importance of leadership accountability
    • We highlight how a new approach to the work can influence leadership
    • We identify ways to overcome key transitional obstacles

Our programs are customized to work within your existing corporate structure, and we provide processes for leaders at all levels—from individual contributors to leaders of leaders.

Through these processes, new, existing and prospective leaders will have the tools and resources needed to meet the new expectations, communicate effectively, build strategic relationships, and grow and develop the future leadership of your organization.