The Leadership Transition Company

Since 2001, Emerge Leadership Group has grown to become the preeminent leadership transition company. By providing our clients with research-based leadership transition tools, assessments and workshops, we ensure managers undergo the perspective shift necessary to become successful, productive and engaging leaders.

We focus on providing emerging and current first-line leaders with the critical skills to effectively transition from an individual contributor to a high-contributing manager.

Based upon our on-going research, echoed by industry thought-leaders, we know that it takes more than just management skill development to become an effective leader. Our processes, assessments and tools, uniquely focus on the change in approach necessary for someone to meet the expectations of their role.

We help future and existing leaders to maximize their impact and contribution to the organization over time.

The transition to become a great leader is driven by a shift in behavior and perspective. We work with future and existing leaders who feel that they are not as effective as they could be. We help these leaders to navigate their changing role and organizational expectations, moving away from just the tactical approach to their work and focusing on the big-picture strategic approach to their work.

We offer workshops or custom solutions that help transitioned leaders understand their impact on both corporate innovation and the bottom line.

Through our consultative, discovery process, we work with our clients to provide workshops or create programs that meet the unique needs of their organization. The target audiences for our programs and processes range from individual contributors preparing to take a leadership role, to emerging leaders, as well as new first-line leaders and existing leaders who aren’t fully meeting the expectations of the organization.