A renewed mindset can unite leadership efforts

Entrepreneur, author, and consultant Glenn Llopis recently wrote an article published by Forbes, exploring a new leadership mindset as we enter into the New Year. He explains, a mindset shift requires a break away from old behaviors and habits, escaping your comfort zone to adopt a new mindset and ultimately regain your competitive advantage, impact, and influence. A leader cannot wait for a business or industry to shape one’s mindset, but instead be intensely aware of surrounding dynamics anticipating the next move. By anticipating and implementing the required behavioral changes, you are enabled to sustain your leadership momentum.

Llopis advises to embrace a new mindset in 2015 by focusing on eight critical realities of the workplace. 1. A positive mental attitude fuels endurance and performance 2. Mental toughness makes you stronger 3. Risk must be your best friend 4. Authenticity leads to discovery 5. What you read shapes how you lead 6. Employees want to be heard- so listen 7. Competition is fierce 8. Significance is greater than success alone. These eight critical realities will guide your new mindset allowing a leadership renewal.

At Emerge Leadership Group, we believe in the same values. Whether it’s an old leader or a new leader, a renewed mindset can unite the leadership efforts. At Emerge we continue to ensure the leader perspective is going beyond an individual contributor and creating greater impact. New and experienced leaders can improve their leadership roles with Llopis’ eight critical factors ultimately contributing to the success of their entire team.

To learn more about Llopis’ eight critical factors, read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2015/01/06/embrace-a-new-leadership-mindset-by-facing-8-critical-realities/