In the final step of the leadership journey, executive leadership, Emerge Leadership Group provides executives with the tools necessary to transition into a leading role. These leaders, who bear the public image of the corporation on their shoulders are looked to as the final decision maker, and fabricator of future business plans. Our results-driven programs help improve management cohesion, productivity across business-units, and also prepares leaders-of-leaders for an executive role.

Executive Transition Workshop

The Executive Transition Workshop provides executives with an understanding of the critical transition into their new role, how they need to shift their mindset to become a global leader, and the key personal and organizational obstacles that they will face as new executives. The Executive Transition Workshop provides participants with smooth transitioning tactics to achieve a shift in mindset while reaching the expectations for the entire company.

Delivery Options:

Executive Transition Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Understand the expectations of being a global leader
  • Develop the tools to combat both personal and organizational obstacles new executives face
  • Perceive the significance of developing other leaders
  • Assimilate the components of a successful executive leadership transition

Executive Transition Workshop Outline

Module 1 – The Stages of Impact
  1.        1. Understanding the key organizational leadership roles
  2.        2. The “Stage 4 Global Leader” Expectations
Module 2 – New Executive Leader Assimilation
  1.        1. The transition to the new role
  2.        2. The power of recycling
Module 3 – The Leadership Story
  1.        1. The value of leaders developing leaders
  2.        2. Case Study – The components of a successful executive leadership transition
Module 4 – Who we are as Leaders
  1.        1. Understanding our individual approach to leadership
  2.        2. Understanding and communicating expectations to direct reports

Executive Sponsorship Session

Often times, the weak link in a leadership transition initiative is the lack of understanding and visible involvement by senior management.  This is especially true when there is no accountability or linkage to key organizational goals.  This workshop helps a senior management team learn how they can insure the success of a leadership transition initiative.

Delivery Options:

Executive Sponsorship Session Learning Objectives

  • Share as a group what we’re seeing regarding leadership transition issues
  • Review our research
  • Identify the leadership transition issues within your organization
  • Provide a high-level overview of our leadership transition process
  • Develop a plan for how the senior management team can support the leadership transition initiative

Executive Sponsorship Session Outline

Module 1 – Review Current Leadership Transition Issues
  1.         1. Review Common Problems and Typical Traps
  2.         2. Calculate Financial Implications for Your Organization
  3.         3. Present Best Practice
  4.         4. Document Implications for Your Organization and Action Items
Module 2 – Review Emerge Research Findings
  1.         1. Review Major Trends
  2.         2. Present Model for Talent Development
  3.         3. Document Implications for Your Organization and Action Items
Module 3 – Identify Leadership Transition Challenges in Your Organization
  1.         1. Review Symptoms and Root Cause
  2.         2. Identify Barriers to Leadership Transition Effectiveness
  3.         3. Document Implications for Your Organization and Action Items
Module 4 – Review Emerge Leadership Transition Process
  1.         1. Provide Workshop Overviews
  2.         2. Review Sponsoring Manager Responsibilities and Executive Role
  3.         3. Review Pre and Post-workshop Transition Assessment Process
  4.         4. Document Visible Executive Support Opportunities and Action Items
Module 5 – Develop Senior Management Plan to Support High Impact Leadership Transitions
  1.         1. Link Leadership Transition Initiative to Key Organizational Goals
  2.         2. Develop Management Accountability Strategy
  3.         3. Develop Meaningful Measures for Application and Impact
  4.         4. Integrate Accountability and Measures into Existing Talent Development Processes
  5.         5. Define Process for Monitoring Progress and Recognizing Successes
  6.         6. Develop Communication Strategy
  7.         7. Review Plan and Assign Implementation Team

Executive Coaching 

The Executive Coaching workshop provides a foundation for helping leaders understand the necessary shift in the executive mindset. Leaders in global positions understand that this mindset shift takes time. There are critical challenges and obstacles to this transition and executives and executive teams are not left to fend for themselves. Emerge Leadership Group provides Executive Coaches for the leaders who are working through this transition and/or are looking to increase their overall impact within their organization.

Executive Coaching Outcomes

  • Discuss the key transition behaviors for executives, and the unique competencies and behaviors identified by the organization for the executive leadership role
  • Identify the key stakeholders for each executive in order to gather feedback on the required behavioral approach
  • Interview the key stakeholders to gather feedback on each executive in regards to the transition behaviors as well as the required behaviors and approaches
  • Meet with the executives to share feedback and gain agreement on the 1-3 high-impact actions that will drive their key behavioral change
  • Ensure that the executive circles back with each of their key stakeholders to discuss the feedback
  • Virtual follow-up coaching sessions will focus on the high-impact actions, successes, ongoing challenges and continued behavioral shift and development

Executive Coaching Outline

Coaching Options – duration depends upon needs of the executive client:

Option 1 – 3 months in duration
  1.       1. Three Face-Face Coaching Sessions
  2.       2. Six Virtual Coaching Sessions
Option 2 – 6 months in duration
  1.       1. Six Face-Face Coaching Sessions
  2.       2. Twelve Virtual Coaching Sessions
Option 3 – 9 months in duration
  1.       1. Nine Face-Face Coaching Sessions
  2.       2. Eighteen Virtual Coaching Sessions
Option 4 – 12 months in duration
  1.       1. Twelve Face-Face Coaching Sessions
  2.       2. Twenty-four Virtual Coaching Sessions