Emerge Leadership Group Launches New Website and New Brand

Emerge Leadership Group is very excited to share its new website and new brand. After being included in TrainingIndustry.com’s 2014 Leadership Training Companies Watch List, we are happy to show a new face that more closely resembles the innovation for which we’ve been recognized.

Along with a new brand, we will unroll new webinars, a blog through which we will be able to share important and informative articles, and white papers on important topics in leadership development industry.
“Building our new brand and website has been a defining process, and one which we hope to carry through a number of new initiatives currently in the works,” says Jim Wentworth, co-founder of Emerge Leadership Group.

Emerge Leadership Group stands out for their commitment to the leadership transition. By looking beyond basic tools training, Emerge has focused on the perspective shift necessary to transition strong, impactful leader at all levels.
About Emerge Leadership Group LLC:

Since 2002, Emerge Leadership Group has consulted with companies to organize custom workshops that help employees become successful managers and leaders. Emerge is committed to creating value for our clients through the development of their people, their organizations, and their approaches to work.
To learn more about the company, visit emergegroup.com.