Emerge Leadership Group Announces New Leadership Acceleration Program™ for 2017

The research is indisputable and the fact still remains; over 60% of new managers/supervisors fail to meet their performance expectations in the first-year following their promotion. We have all experienced the results of non-transitioned leadership: micromanagement, leaders taking credit for the work of their direct reports, lack of trust of the capabilities of their direct reports, no delegation, direct reports not receiving coaching or development, low engagement scores and unmet business results, etc…

The Emerge Leadership Acceleration Program has proven to solve this problem. In fact, based upon our pre and post program assessments, new managers increase their leadership effectiveness by an average of 27.42%. This has led to an average increase of $108,000 in net income per manager/year. In some cases, the increased impact was documented at over $1,000,000 per manager/year. This year-long high impact, high-touch program is very effective and consists of the following Four Steps:

Step 1: Awareness of Changing Leadership Expectations:

  • QuickStart Program (within 30 days of promotion)
  • Delivery Options: Virtual On Demand Module

Step 2: Changing Leadership Mindset/Approach to Meet New Expectations

  • The Leadership Transition Workshop (within 3-6 months after promotion)
  • Delivery Options: eLearning, Classroom, Train-the-Trainer, Live Virtual, Virtual On Demand

Step 3: Driving Leadership Execution/Building Leadership Capability

  • Core Leadership Skills Modules (ongoing continuous learning)
  • Delivery Options: eLearning, Train-the-Trainer

Step 4: Tracking Results/Behavior Change/Effectiveness

  • Pre and Post Behavioral Assessments
  • Key Business Results Measurement