The Leadership Transition for First-Line Leaders Workshop Overview

Our one-day workshop, “The Leadership Transition”, offers tools to help first-line leaders and newly promoted managers shift their outlook from that of an individual contributor. This workshop helps new and prospective first-line leaders:

    • Understand what behaviors new leaders need to “let go of” and develop
    • Develop a personalized Transition Action Plan utilizing feedback from your direct manager
    • Redefine  and develop new relationships with peers and organizational leaders
    • Understand the psychological shift that takes place when becoming a leader of others

Maximizing Your Impact for Leaders of Leaders Workshop Overview

Our two-day “Maximizing Your Impact” workshop is targeted toward senior leaders and those responsible for leading first-line leaders. The objectives for Maximizing Your Impact are to help people achieve their potential as managers. This workshop helps senior leaders:

    • Make a greater impact in their overall leadership approach to managing other managers
    • Understand organizational expectations and why they shift over time
    • Learn the key leadership accountabilities that define highly effective leaders
    • Develop a personal Impact Development Plan


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