On Demand Recorded Webinars

“The Leadership Acceleration Program” is a one-year, high touch program to transform newly promoted managers into highly-effective leaders.

Leadership Acceleration™ On Demand Webinar Recording: (1-hour)


“The Leadership Transition” is a great first step for new managers and prospective, high-potential employees. This program helps participants understand how to fundamentally change their approach and meet the expectations of their new role.

Leadership Transition™ Overview Webinar: (1-hour)


“Maximizing Your Impact” is designed for managers of managers to understand how to continue to make a greater contribution to the organization over time. We focus on resource allocation, managing boundaries, relationship building, selecting and developing first-line leaders, and fostering a strategic mindset.

Maximizing Your Impact™ Overview Webinar: (1-hour)


“The Leadership Journey” will address 3 critical transitions; From New Employee to Leading Self, From Leading Self to Leading Others and From Leading Others to Leading Leaders. The Emerge Founding Partners, Jim Wentworth and Sheldon Loar, will present research, Engagement and Transition Models and an overview of 3 processes to help you maximize the contribution of your talent. 

The Leadership Journey™ Overview Webinar: (1-hour)


“Coaching for Impact” is designed to help you maximize your impact in your role as a coach.  Regardless of whether you lead others formally or informally and whether you have been coaching a long time or you’re just getting started, this course is highly applicable.

Coaching for Impact™ Overview Webinar: (1-hour)