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Emerge Leadership Group, Emerge Leadership Group Pres, “ELG,” or “Emerge” are names used by or wholly owned subsidiaries of Emerge Leadership Group LLC as part of its normal operations.

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Emerge Leadership Group Trademarks

Emerge Leadership Group uses many words, terms, symbols, acronyms, and/or phrases to promote the availability of its proprietary products and services. The following list identifies the trademarks owned by Emerge Leadership Group that are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any use of these trademarks without the written permission of Emerge Leadership Group is strictly prohibited.

  • The Leadership Transition
  • Transition Track
  • Transition Track Assessment
  • Transition Track Individual Profile
  • Transition Action Plan | TAP | 100-Day TAP
  • Performance Expectation
  • Effective Leadership Practices
  • ZONE Model of Engagement
  • 3-D Prescriptions for Development
  • Working Manager Dilemma
  • Maximizing Your Engagement
  • Engagement Action Plan
  • Maximizing Your Impact