A process created for each client’s unique needs

In order to provide our clients with processes best suited to their needs and targeted to their organizational competencies and culture, Emerge’s consulting services can be used in a number of ways.

Competency Development

At Emerge, we work with our clients to identify and define their core, organizational competencies. Using these competencies as a foundation, we build a model that helps our clients identify and quantify expectations for various roles, jobs or functions.

With these competency models, organizations can build metrics and interventions to help ensure that leaders and individuals are performing at their best, producing maximum impact to the organization.

Content Integration

Most of our clients have established curricula created in response to concerns over time, trends, needs, and developments within the business context. Those curricula remain static, while situations and personnel needs change over time.

Emerge examines both our clients’ current needs, the solutions used to respond to them, as well as newly appearing needs. We adjust and integrate our products, partner products, or create custom solutions that fully integrate inside our clients’ systems.

Custom Materials

Emerge will develop a strategy and solution that best meets your needs. Our consultants will conduct a needs analysis to determine exactly what sort of customization needs to be done. We offer multiple levels of customization, from branded materials to complete custom applications and products.