A new way of looking at work can have a dramatic impact for managers

Huffington Post recently published an article by Manijeh Motaghy entitled “Executive Burnout: Don’t Pick a Fight You Will Lose.” In the article, Motaghy illuminates the disconnect between exhausted executives and companies that believe that perks and incentives are all that is required to keep their employees focused and successful. In her experience as a mindfulness coach, she has seen that this disconnect typically leads to executive burnout.

Motaghy believes that mindfulness can help with this issue. She recommends letting go of stress and focusing on positive emotions in order to manage feelings of burnout. In order to help readers do this, she suggests simple breathing exercises in order to shift attention to a neutral place in order to remove oneself from worries. By distancing oneself from a stressful situation, one can handle any issues more calmly, objectively, and effectively.

The article suggests that burnout can be evaded through reconfiguring one’s view of work to be more objective and removed. At Emerge, we also believe that a new way of looking at work can have a dramatic impact for managers. We help leaders transform their work life through equipping them with the right tools to feel confident and objectively prepared for any stressful workplace scenario. Like Motaghy’s mindfulness techniques, our workshops decrease stress and improve employee quality of life and efficiency.

In our Maximizing Your Impact workshop, for example, we prepare managers of managers to lead calmly and confidently through deploying resources effectively, selecting and developing the right first-line leaders, managing boundaries well, and fostering a strategic mindset. The workshop gives executives the tools needed to delegate effectively and set the right priorities in order to achieve the maximal impact with minimal stress.

To read the full article from Huffington Post, click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/manijeh-motaghy/executive-burnout-dont-pi_b_6272694.html